Crystal Kiss Smile Boutique

Having a fresh, beautiful smile is one hour away

Teeth Whitening


60 Min Whitening Treatment: $180.00

  • Treatment duration : 1 hr whitening


Book your brighter smile service.  Brighter smile is one hour away! 

Are you celebrating an accomplishment, Job interview, a new job, wedding, date night, special occasion? did you quite smoking or just finished your braces?! THIS IS FOR YOU! I'll give you tips and tricks to maintaining your brighter smile.

If you typically have sensitive teeth, reach out and I'll coach you on how to prepare for your service so you are are as comfortable as possible. I've been working with teeth for a couple decades now, I got YOU!

Tooth Jewellery

*Applied in a single session*

1 gem - $120.00

2 gems - $160.00

3 gems - $180.00

4 gems - $220.00

Decals & Jewellery: $150.00

Treatment duration : 30 min application

Application of one Swarovski tooth crystal

Before Booking:
1. Tooth Gems are only applied to natural teeth
2. This offer does not include 24k gold tooth gems
This 2 hour appointment includes 15 min consult, 1 hour of Teeth Whitening and 30 Minutes for Tooth Gem application, plus and edited picture of your smile to show it OFF!


Gold: $150.00

Treatment duration : 30 min whitening


Treat yourself to a Luxury Designer Smile!
Inquire about in stock selection of 18-22K gold decals.
This service requires a natural tooth service free of any dental work like fillings or veneers.
$150-$200 Price depends on size and shape.

Teeth Whitening & Tooth Gem Combo


Teeth Whitening + Tooth Gem: $260.00

  • Treatment duration : 1 hr 20 min

The Ultimate Smile Makeover!! Combine teeth whitening service with a tooth gem! The perfect combo service for your birthday, self care day, to celebrate that you quit smoking or that your braces or Invisalign is over!