Stretch Mark Camouflage                                                         $150/hour

Scar Management (Softening, Treatment, Camouflage)       $150/hour
             Consultation required

Areola 3D Tattoo                                                                      

             Unilateral                                                                       $300

             Bilateral                                                                         $600

DONATE any amount towards a warrior of cancer, give the gift of an Areola Tattoo

Breast Augmentation Scar Blending                                       $150/hour


*** Please inquire about any medical tattooing questions including :

Cleft Lip, Belly Button, Vitiligo, Surgical Scars, C Section, and Skin Graft





Brows (Powder / Ombre / Combo /Micro-blading)               $500
             Annual colour boost                                                      $250

             Pigment lightening                                                       $150

Lash Line Enhancement                                                            $450

Lip Blushing                                                                              $500

Lash Lift and Tint                                                                       $65

Lash Tint  OR  Brow Tint Only                                                  $35


60 min whitening treatment                                      $180

             Appointment duration 1h 20min 


Touch Ups                                                                     $60

             20 min touch up procedure

             Appointment duration 45min


Desensitizing  & Take home treatment                     $40


Tooth Jewellery - 1 gem                                                             $120

                              2 gems                                                           $160

                              3 gems                                                           $180

                              4 gems                                                           $200

18-22k Gold & 18k White Gold Decals 
Starting at $150

Crystal Kiss Tooth Gems

Teeth Whitening

Beauty Services

All permanent makeup services are done in two appointments that are 6 weeks apart (Both appointments are included in the price)

*** Missed 2nd appointments (not within 6 weeks)                            $150 / 1.5 hr

Medical Micro-Pigmentation


Cancellation Policy

$20 non-refundable deposit - booking fee - is required to secure your whitening/tooth gem appointment.


$50 non-refundable deposit - booking fee - is required to secure other type of appointments.

*due to COVID-19 teeth whitening appointments are momentarily put on hold*

48 hours notice of cancellation required to apply

the $20/$50 to your rescheduled appointment.

areola and Scar restoration

Brown and lash line enhancement

lip blush
tooth gems
teeth whitening

lash lift
and tint