After Care

Once Miss V has finished your new Ink, the next step is after care. Careful and diligent care is key to ensuring high quality, long lasting results. Cosmetic and paramedical tattoos differ slightly from regular tattoos so please follow the instructions below for your treatment(s).

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact


Taking care of your brow lamination is simple! Follow the below steps for maintenance and care:

  • Do not wet your brows for 48 hours

  • Avoid touching your brows and surrounding area at the risk of transferring oils

  • Do not apply makeup to the brows for 24 hours post-treatment

  • Do not apply Retin A, AHA’s, or exfoliate the brow are for 72 hours post-treatment

  • Apply Lacquer Brow Balm daily (we suggest before bed)

  • Comb the brow hairs into place daily

No self-tanning products should be used on the face for at least 48 hours post-treatment

This procedure involves the chemical treatment of your brow hairs. What does this mean? Just like when you dye your hair, you will likely experience a little bit of dryness after your lamination. Daily use of the Brow Balm will aid in conditioning the hair, and maintaining hair health for your next appointment!


Taking care of your new eye liner tattoo is simple! Please follow the below instructions for the best possible healed results:


  • Keep your eye area dry for the first 7 days, using a face cloth or wipe to cleanse your face

  • When showering during the initial 7 days, don’t use very hot water to avoid steam

  • Do not wear eye makeup or mascara for the first week

Do not use any lotions or products on the eyelids containing acids or anti aging products from now moving forward, to avoid premature fading.

Swelling is normal after your procedure; you may use dry-wrapped ice gel packs and take an antihistamine the day of the procedure


Please follow the below instructions for the best healed results possible:


  • For the first 24 hours, keep lips free of water by using straws to drink and eating carefully (avoid hot beverages)

  • Apply Vaseline liberally to the lips beginning immediately after your appointment and for the following 2 weeks

  • Do not pick, bite, or pull on your scabbing/flaking!!

  • Do not expose your lips to hot direct sunlight for 3 weeks

  • After you are fully healed, apply sunscreen to your lips when in hot, sunny climate

Please allow a full 3 weeks of healing in order to see the true tone of your lip blush.

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