Lash Line Enhancement


Pigment is deposited within the lash line to give a more dimension for a natural no make up make up look.



Taking care of your new eyeliner tattoo is simple! Please follow the below instructions for the best
possible healed results:


​Keep your eye area dry for the first 7 days, using a face cloth or wipe to cleanse your face
When showering during the initial 7 days, don’t use very hot water to avoid steam
Do not wear eye makeup or mascara for the first week

Do not use any lotions or products on the eyelids containing acids or anti aging products from now moving forward, to avoid premature fading

Swelling is normal after your procedure; you may use dry-wrapped ice gel packs and take an antihistamine the day of the procedure


Full healed results will be visible in 2-3 weeks time. Your eyeliner may appear lighter before it darkens
again, which is completely normal.



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